Living a Charmed Life means giving back, helping others and being a light in the darkness. Charmed Life Candle Co. was created as a way to do just that.A portion of the proceeds from every candle sold will help us to bring light to others.

Charmed Life Candle Company

Created by owner: Tracie Hess




Growing up in Charleston meant countless trips out to Folly. Folly had the best surf, the cutest boys, and the most interesting people. Folly for me represents freedom. Freedom from judgement, freedom to relax, freedom to have fun and be yourself. 

Stella with its Southern Floral Blend is a tribute to my mom. Stella Mae. She was a strong, faith filled southern woman who endured many loses, trials, and tribulations in her life but still found happiness and gratitude in the simple things. She found peace in bird watching, gardening and cooking for her family. Gardenias were her favorite, hence the Gardenia forwardness of this blend. 

 If you are fortunate enough to spend some time on Edisto, you are truly blessed! Its one of my favorite Lowcountry gems that is a relaxing reprieve from the mainland chaos. Edisto has a deep and varied history and an important part of that was the production of Sea Island Cotton. Once considered the finest cotton in the world. This blend represents the fresh air of the sea islands and the crisp clean scent of freshly laundered cotton hung on the line.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle 

South of Broad

I have spent countless hours strolling through my beloved city. I think I have explored every inch from church graveyards and cobblestone alleyways to shop filled King Street. But some of my favorite walks have always been the shaded, fragrant streets South of Broad where the sweet scents of well maintained gardens that have a very rich, varied, and important role in Charleston history. These scents come over the garden wall and take you to a place where it is very easy to lose track of time.. and that is a beautiful thing. I hope this scent helps you to escape to such a place. 


The lowcounty is home to some of the Southeasts finest beaches. From Sullivans and Edisto to Kiawah and IOP. They all hold special memories of a lifetime spent sharing many days and quite a few nights enjoying the sights, the sounds and life's ebbs and flows along our beautiful coast. I hope this blend brings you back to happy times you spent strolling along a shoreline that has been special to you.  

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