How does this work?1. After you purchase, You may choose up to 6 locations of your choice for your custom love map. Please email us with those exact locations after you purchase. We stay in constant communication with you to make sure that the map you have purchased is exactly to your liking, so no worries! 2. You are allowed up to TWO edits for your love map. That includes images and layout of your map. 3. Once you approve your love map via email, we will ship out your love map. We also offer framing for your love map, for local pick up in Charleston only. If you would like your love map framed, make sure you choose that option. Each frame includes a mat as well. Let us know what color frame you would like (gold, silver, black, white or a distressed rustic frame) 4. Please allow up to two weeks for your map to be completed. These love maps take time, and we truly enjoy taking the time to make these very special. Please Contact us at Charmed Beauty and Gifts at 843.225.1621 for additional information or to Place your order today! 

Custom Love Map