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Van Gogh-Go Travel Bag Set

Van Gogh-Go Travel Bag Set

Bags are currently available as a set(because why wouldn't you want TWO?)  and include a Van Gogh ornament!

These bags tell a story...the story of Van Gogh gifting the Almond Blossom painting to his beloved brother Theo AND the story of me falling in love with and purchasing several yards of this beautiful fabric,slightly wine drunk while walking the streets of Monmarte,my favorite neighborhood in Paris.

I hope you or the recipient of these lovely bags,handmade by my talented friend and retired CofC professor will bring you as much JOY as me sharing these bags with you has brought me! 

Bags are two sizes large is 9'x13' and 4'deep Small is 8'x10' and 3'deep 



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