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Welcome to

Charmed Beauty Gifts Lifestyle 

Where we strive to help you live a Charmed Life.

Living a Charmed life means not be defined by your circumstances

(we all have our days) but by your choices, choose to look at

your life as if it's Charmed and it will be.

Choose to love your neighbor,Choose to forgive yourself & others,Choose Joy,Choose Peace.
Choose Charming 


We have extensive expertise within the Fashion and Beauty Industry and LOVE to help you feel and look your best. We take great pleasure in continuing to educate ourselves on the latest trends and honoring the timeless classics. 



At Charmed we hope to help you put more love into your giving. First,by offering personalized gifts that prove you took the thought that counts part of giving to heart, by monograming or personalizing your gift. Second by offering many locally made items you are helping to show love and support to our local art community.

Living in Charleston gives ample opportunity to live a Charmed Life.

We are southern, and we don’t take life too seriously but there are a few things that we are serious about. Family,Faith,Friends&Fun.

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