Travel...the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Me at Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

10 Things I Believe

These 10 Beliefs are in no particular order and are only 10 of many...

1.I believe in treating the CEO and the janitor with the same respect.

2.I believe in OVER tipping the breakfast server...any server really.

3.I believe in BUTTER and not any so called substitute.

4.I believe in the power of the FEMININE.Yes a little lipstick and perfume go a long way.

5.I believe in GOD,MIRACLES and the Power of Prayer.

6.I believe watching the WORLD news does far less for changing or enhancing your WORLD view than TRAVELING the WORLD does.

7.I believe in LOVE.Yes,the romantic kind but also in general...Love thy neighbor.Love thy self.

8.I believe in the power of MUSIC to heal, lift spirits, help you to reminisce,give hope and celebrate life.

9.I believe a meal cooked with LOVE feeds the SOUL.

10.I believe in friendship.The FAMILY we CHOOSE and CHOOSES US.

I hope that in sharing 10 of my beliefs that you have taken a moment to review your own and have maybe even found a new one for yourself.Trust me when I say Faith and Butter are the keys to happiness.LOL 

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