Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap

Charmed B&G was always about more,to me,than opening a local brick and mortar retail and beauty boutique.It was about Charmed B&G being part of the Lowcountry community that I love and reaching out beyond Charleston and the Lowcountry.By blogging I hope that sharing my life as an example that you can overcome adversities,survive,grow,evolve,THRIVE and live a Charmed Life.In sharing,perhaps even encourage you to use your experiences,time,talent or money to bring joy to others.

So,if you are reading this welcome to Charmed Life.My “blog”,musings observations on living a Charmed Life.Whether sharing some of my own past or current circumstances or what happens in the day to day I simply hope my words reach whoever is destined to read them and that they somehow resonate with the reader,that they bring joy and amusement,help you feel less alone,help you choose happy,choose joy,choose kindness,choose Charming in your day to day.Here’s to living a Charmed Life.xoxo

Ps.No judgement on the grammatical.Thanks! xoxo

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