Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back!

Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back!

Your Fear of Looking Stupid is Holding You Back

I opened Charmed B&G in October of 2016 on a wing,a dream and a prayer.

I was an unstoppable force.I refused to take no for an answer.I refused to let others discourage me or steal my joy in having this dream realized.

There were construction and financial woes and setbacks.HUGE thank you here to family and friends who assisted in everything from money to painting and was quite an endeavor. I suffered the loss of “friends” who were threatened by my realizing my dream (my opinion on this is,it is very easy for women to come and support you through misfortunes in life but I am sad to say many find it difficult to praise one another’s successes or another woman’s pursuit of happiness....this is a terrible trend)

Setbacks,pain,loss,troubling times,financial issues most of us have one if not all of these at some point in our lives but it’s how you choose to deal with these that makes all the difference and perhaps more importantly, how you choose to reach out in your own family,group of friends or community when others are suffering....that is where Charmed Life comes in.

Standing behind the stylist chair for the last twenty ( I cannot even believe) years I have had the privilege of having many women share very personal stories. I offer encouragement,share some of my own experiences or just simply listen.Much is shared and it is beautiful.

I cannot count the times over the years that the word blog or even BOOK has been brought up to me by these women and others(even published authors!) Unfortunately I have always let FEAR stop me.....NO MORE!

Thank you for going on this journey with me! I look forward to sharing and I pray that my writings,musings,stories,antidotes are enough to keep you coming back. Heres to living a charmed life! xoxo

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